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The V. Lake Balaton Art Residency and Contemporary Art Summer programs comes to life with the support of the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 Europe’s Cultural Capital programme.

MKB Consulting PLC.

Year of joining: 2020

At MKB Consulting, we are all about helping our partners grow their businesses while considering sustainability and the green economy. As consultants, we work to support our clients in their development as trusted expert partners.

What do we offer our clients?

  • personalised financial solutions
  • full project management from project development to successful project closure
  • advice on green business operations
  • advice on innovation management and the use of Research & Development tax credits
  • advice on aid policy and venture capital

What are our distinctive features in the consultancy market?

  • our expert financial backing is provided by MKB Financial Group
  • we have tried and tested models
  • we cover the entire project cycle
  • the support of various projects is tailored to individual needs
  • together with our professional collaborators, we have a broad and up-to-date knowledge base
  • we support constantly changing customer needs through continuous business development

Our cooperating subsidiary is Danube Capital R&A Ltd., which provides domestic and international macroeconomic, capital market and sectoral analysis, market research and individual business valuation services to its clients.

Municipality of Szólád

Year of joining: 2018

Szólád is located in the northwestern part of Outer Somogy, south of Balatonszárszó, at latitude 46° 17′, longitude 17° 51′ east of Greenwich. This area, which is the north-eastern part of the Transdanubian hills, is so different in structure, topography, climate, vegetation and soil conditions from the area to the south, which is known as Inner Somogy, that it can be classified as a central landscape because of the land characteristics. The administrative boundaries of the village are Balatonőszöd in the northwest, Teleki in the west, Kötcse in the south, Kereki in the east, Kőröshegy in the northeast and Balatonszárszó in the north. Its distance from the southern shore of Lake Balaton is 3.5 km. The average altitude of the inner part of the village in relation to the Baltic sea level varies from 112,5 to 150 m, the highest point of the outer part of the village east of the Nezde valley is 283 m. The broader environment of the micro-region under study is separated by sharp boundaries from the bordering pool of Lake Balaton which is connected to the shore of Lake Balaton by denudation steps between Balatonboglár and Siófok. The southern boundary of this larger region is marked by the Kapos valley, bordered to the east by the Tolna ridge and to the south of that by the Zselic hills. The natural border to the west is formed by the eastern edge of the Nagyberek in the Fonyód area. This larger autonomous territorial unit covers an area of 2884 km2.

DALATON Solution Ltd.

Year of joining:: 2021

László Rajkai Sole Proprietor

Year of joining: 2021


Year of joining: 2021


Year of joining: 2020

acb Gallery

Year of joining: 2022